Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Tree

This year I couldn't wait to put up the Christmas tree! My family tradition is to put up the tree on Thanksgiving night, while drinking egg nog. This year mid November I was just itchin' to have that tree up so I could enjoy the twinkling lights at night. I didn't want to take away from Thanksgiving, so we found a way to put up the tree without moving straight into Christmas. Saturday morning Jenni, Lisa & I were home enjoying coffee and muffins and we decided to make a roommate bonding experience out of the Thanksgiving Tree. Here's the how to:
Each person gets several paper strips (in Thanksgiving colors of course) to record the things
they are thankful for. Next we stapled them together in paper rings and shared with each other what it was we were thankful for.
After we had shared we hung them on the tree, and made sure to leave extra papers out on the table for any guests who stopped by and had things to be thankful for.
It was a great reminder that we are incredibly blessed and that the things written on our paper rings were gifts from God! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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