Friday, September 3, 2010

Favorite New Toy!

Last week I went to Toys R Us to do some shopping. Every so often our toys at work break, wear out, or get taken home by a sneaky child, so we have to re-stock our playroom and replace the toys we use in other areas of the hospital. Since I'm the one who keeps track of these toys I get to go and spend lots of (someone else's) money picking out the new ones!So, last week I was in the baby section looking for a new mobile to use on our infant cribs. This task is always a little tricky because in the hospital we have to avoid cloth toys since they can't be cleaned as easily as plastic. Lo and behold, I found the perfect gem of a mobile!

Introducing...the Luv U Zoo Crib n Go Projector Soother...I just have to share for all my friends who have little ones, or friends who like to shop for little ones!

This baby attaches to the side of the crib with your usual latch strap, but the elephant piece snaps out so you can take it to any room baby may fall asleep in! Also, the remaining piece on the crib has a mirror, great for infant development!
The best part is that the projector plays super soothing music with nature sounds as an option, AND projects super cute pictures of baby animals on the ceiling for baby to watch at night! I absolutely love this toy!

I purchased mine at Toys R Us for $35, but I'm sure it's available other places too! Happy baby shopping!

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