Sunday, April 4, 2010

He Is Risen!

Hopefully you are reminded today of the joy we have as Christ followers that our Savior is alive and He reigns over the Earth! Oh, and if you happened to enjoy some candy and time with family as well, consider yourself doubly blessed!
We had an Easter brunch for our Sunday School class this morning since our church cancelled all Bible Studys for the holiday. Our good friend Lisa came over last night and she, Jenni and I were cooking fools! We stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG...mainly due to a lack of planning and a late start time, but we had it all ready come 11:30! I've been a little forgetful lately when it comes to taking pictures, but I did get a few of the table decorations I put
together, and the insane amount of food!Check out this cake Lisa made, it's so cute! She took two round cakes, frosted them, added peeps and chocolate chips on top, looks like a sunflower!

I found the fabric for this table runner at Hobby Lobby, and also found a really cute spring paisley to make Willow and Harlow new bandanas!
We had a good time of fellowship and then spent the rest of the afternoon passed out in bed!
Happy Easter!

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