Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day at the Dog Park!

I know, I know it's probably a little surprising to some of you that I've never taken the time to let Willow experience the dog park. This Sunday the weather was too gorgeous to stay inside, so Jenni, Lisa, Harlow, Willow and I put on our summer clothes and headed out to enjoy a day in the sun with the pups!

I was a little nervous that we'd stand out like total first timers, but people were so friendly and everyone seemed to just hang out and love on any four legged friend around! After a few minutes of leash time, I decided Willow was probably capable of freedom, so I let her loose! I had hoped she'd make friends with some of the other cute little dogs, but NO, not MY Willow. She had to meet every person in the park, and insisted that they pet her.
Crazy dog didn't seem at all interested in the other dogs there, except for the moment that she noticed the big dogs on the other side of the fence. Not sure why, but that little mutt loves her a big friend. I think it's because she was OBSESSED with Holly, our family lab. You bet your bottom dollar that the second the big dog barked Willow ran like the wind! RETREAT!!!!!
Sadly she was too chicken to swim, but watched a few dogs her size dive right in, so maybe after a few more visits she'll get brave and jump in! For now all we managed was a drink out of the big pond....SICK!

We're looking forward to many more weekends at the park, and would love to have you join us, although I can't promise Willow will show any interest in your dog :)


jennifer's junipers said...

Yay for the Dog park! Those are some cute pictures!

the G Rowes said...

How fun! I wish Boo and I could have been there to play too! That is so funny that Willow wanted to play with all the people! I'm loving the picture of her face in the wind on the car ride there. I love my doggie niece!