Sunday, July 5, 2009

New additions at home...

I've been eyeing these items for a while now, and am happy to see them in person at my house!! The first thing I've added is a collection of pin boards. I saw these on Pottery Barn's website and fell in love! I ordered a set for the kitchen to fill an empty wall and have enjoyed seeing them there with pictures of my nieces and cute wedding or baby shower invitations! They've helped me clear some of the clutter off the sides of the refrigerator and are helping with my goal of getting more organized at home!

Another addition has been to the outside patio, and is something I've been dreaming of having ever since I decided to buy the house! Last week I headed over to Home Depot and picked out my new gas grill!! I tried it out this week and made a family tradition-the Chicken Cruise. Normally we grill chicken on the boat and serve it with green beans and macaroni and cheese, so I decided it would be an easy and tasty meal to make for my first grilling experience.
Below is the sequence of events via photos. Grilling, basting, enjoying the sunset in my hammock, and the final results!

The next and final recent addition at home is on it's way...well I'm on my way to get it. I have been wanting a buffet for my kitchen to help with dish storage and have my eye on one specific buffet guessed it...Pottery Barn! Well last week I was in the Woodlands for a work lunch meeting and spotted a PB store close to the restaurant. They're having their store model sale right now so I stopped in to see if the buffet was included in their sale. It sure was, and so I snatched it up and will go tomorrow to pick it up! Pictures coming soon!

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