Sunday, July 5, 2009

Willow's Before and After

I have a love hate relationship with the grooming process. I love the way Willow looks when she gets shaggy, but I hate that I can't see her eyes. So, she gets a haircut about every 2 months and then I think she looks prissy and that look doesn't go with her personality. However it's a must of dog care, and I know the fur has to make her hot in the summer so I do it. Here's a before and after of her most recent makeover.

My attempt at helping Willow see better until her grooming appointment...she was angry.

This picture just cracks me up! She had run an intense frenzy around the house, dumped out all the toys in her toy bed, and then attacked her Red Sox Green monster. The result- 1 tired pup...

Post groom:
This time they added a bandana to her groomed look, and I thought it was pretty cute! Willow has a few dresses and t-shirts but she hates wearing clothes so I don't really bother. The bandana on the other hand....she seems to like. It's like she's got a little cow-dog attitude!

My most favorite post groom picture is below- she LOVES to hang her head out the window and I happened to get this shot with my iPhone. She's all about the wind!!!! And check out her bling bling W showing on her collar!

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