Friday, July 31, 2009

Patience is a virtue....supposedly.

Willow is clearly the canine love of my life. The only problem with her is that she tends to get lonely. Lately she's been doing a lot of this:
Maybe it's because I grew up in a house with multiple dogs, but I feel like Willow is living a life of lonliness without a canine sibling. She sleeps a lot, has to stay home alone several hours each day, and when I see how happy she is around other dogs, I just plain feel sad for her.

Lately I've been making the rounds visiting pet stores & shelters and have met some super cute pups I'd gladly take home! I found this adorable black and white malti-poo baby boy & he was so sweet!! No doubt Willow would love him! Brad found a lab mix (aka puppy of the month- on sale puppy because he was getting too big and soon wouldn't BE a PUPPY) that he played with and she was super cute!One day at CAP, I came across this Spaniel puppy, and I fell in LOVE!!!
Brad is planning on getting a baby girl yellow lab aka 'Labby' once he finds a job and gets settled somewhere with a yard. I can't WAIT! Ever since our beloved Holly was murdered by the vet I just miss having a big dog to play with. Not that Holly really played.....

Anyway, I just want another dog. I really love labs, but I'd love another spaniel-ish dog like Emma was...or maybe I should go for something more Willow's size for fair play purposes?

Now before you suggest the perfect dog #2 for us (like this SUPER CUTE Cavalier King Charles), let me introduce the sad reality. Two dogs are expensive. It's sadly not in the budget right now for us to bring another dog home. Also, I've decided it's easier when the human - dog ratio in my family is equal. So, until I find Willow a Pa, or I win the lottery, we probably shouldn't introduce a sibling.

So if you have a lab, spaniel, or just a cute dog in the area, can you come over and play????

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