Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sweetest gift!!!

So, my Gramma Rowe likes to tell the story about how when I was little I crawled up in her lap, cuddled real close, and said, "Do you know who my favorite gramma is?" Surely she was expecting a sweet and loving response when she answered "No, who is it?" However I just couldn't lie...."Dee Dah!" I blurted right out! See, Dee Dah is not what I call Gramma Rowe, Dee Dah is my OTHER I basically told her that I didn't love her the most. Sorry Gramma Rowe!

Anyway, I think the root of this story is that I loved Dee Dah because she always had lots of food at her house, and she's the kind of grandma who is always offering you something to snack on, making sure your tummy is full! I love this about her! (To be fair, Gramma Rowe always has good butterscotch & peanut butter candies at her house, and good snacky foods too! My gramma's are so prepared!)

Anyway, last month when everyone came for the Sip N See, everyone was so sweet and I got lots of housewarming gifts!! I will post more about these later when I write about the Sip N See, but I want to especially brag on what my Dee Dah did for me! She spent weeks cooking all of my favorite Dee Dah foods, and brought about 15 tupper ware FILLED frozen meals for me! She knew that most days when I leave work I find myself in a drive through, or eating left overs, and thoughtfully planned entire meals for me to enjoy! All I have to do is move a container from the freezer to the fridge before I leave for work, then when I come home heat and enjoy!!

I appreciated this so much because I knew how much work she put into each meal, and especially appreciated that she researched to find my favorite foods- chicken spaghetti, vegetable soup, chili, pork tenderloin and cornbread dressing, chicken and rice!!!!! Each time I eat a Dee Dah supper I am reminded of how much she loves me, and how much love she put into each bite!

I'm so grateful for my Dee Dah!!!

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