Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sip n See

If you make the rounds in my blog world, you've probably already read about the Sip n See because my sister in laws aren't slackers like I am! Anyway, I figure I might as well share my point of view and maybe a few different pictures!

Since I had 2 new nieces born close together this fall we decided to throw a baby shower for them at the same time! Because most of our family is spread out around Texas we decided to have it after the babies were born so that when everyone came they'd be able to see the mommies AND new babes! Thus, a sip-n-see! Sip-N-See is an old fashioned tradition that's making its way back as a trend for post birth showers. I love the idea because you get to actually see the little ones you're celebrating!

So mom and I planned and planned and planned......I'm lying, we planned like 2 weeks before the event! However I think everything came together just as we had hoped and most importantly I think everyone had a good time! Mom helped make some REALLY yummy foods-chicken salad, mulled apple cider, and had the best idea of cupcakes from our favorite bakery, Ohh La La!
It was so happy to see my house FULL of all the people I love! We had fun opening baby presents, and I got a few more gifts of my own! Gramma Rowe brought me a fancy silver serving dish with a tealight candle under it to keep food warm, Gayle and Norma gave me a pretty cornocopia made by Jim Shore, and Minnie & Richard sent me a treasure chest to keep surprises in! Scott, Jess, Greg and Gina were so sweet and gave me a Pottery Barn gift card, which I've already used!
Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day:
Emmy had fun helping her sister open gifts, and eating lots of yummy food! After she crashed and took a nap, she woke up and was SUPER EMMY, running around the house with my apron as her cape!

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