Monday, June 23, 2008

Bath time!

So, turns out Willow gets a tad bit car sick just like her ma. This week Jenni and I took her in the car to pick up my friends from out of town, and poor puppy held on as long as she could, but after 2 hours in the car her breakfast resurfaced. All over Jenni. Sorry Jenni!!!!!!!!!! So when we got home Willow got a bath, and looked like this:

Scrappy 9 pounds soaking wet. Anyone else reminded of the guppies from Little Mermaid?? This weekend she also tried out the new puppy latte at Starbucks! She loved it, but her tummy didn't....and well....let's just say she got another bath. I don't think she would have changed a thing though!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Willow. You are so precious. I wish you could ride in the car without getting carsick, but you really are like your Ma. Guess you two were meant to be. You're invited to come visit Karo any time, just don't get carsick on the way. Karo