Saturday, April 14, 2012

Craft Room

As mentioned in my last post, I've recently finished my craft room! I've been waiting to get a few great photos, but just can't wait any longer to share the finished product!
My last roommate had painted the wall green, and I already owned a white desk and bookshelf for the space.
I needed large works spaces for my paper crafting, a place to leave out my Cricut and sewing machine, and some good storage for all of my embellishments.

For Christmas I got some of the Martha Stewart Living Craft Furniture from Home Decorators Collection, and I love it!

 I made some tissue paper pom poms and hung them from the ceiling.

I love that the MSL craft line has such great storage, and looks great as well! I debated for a long time between the green finish and the white but I love the clean look that the white gives off. Add a few canvas storage bins from Target in coordinating colors and it's done!

I've still got room for my desk, Willow's bed and a printer. I love having a space to do my 'work' at home and to also craft and create!

One last picture.....

I recommend the Martha Stewart Living Craft Furniture to any crafter looking for a good workspace that double as great organization!

                                                  ---Fluffy white dog not included :)---


Anonymous said...

I want a room like that one for my quilt studio! Can I hire you to design one? LOVE your craft room AND the Martha Stewart furniture. Mom

Elyse said...

I love your craft room! SO simple and clean :) Lovely. Also I am glad to see you back on your blog :)