Saturday, September 3, 2011

Goodbye Blaze, Hello Quin!

I've been thinking for a while now about trading my car in, but the problem is I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Trailblazer! I know you're thinking I'm crazy for having an emotional attachment to my car, but for some reason I was super emotional about the idea of letting Blaze go! I might have cried a little tiny bit...anyway....
I got her in college, she's green for Baylor, she's pretty on the inside, comfy with lots of room, and I have lots of memories in that car! Sadly Blaze has lots of miles, was requiring frequent repairs, and was losing trade in I began the process of car shopping.

I had a few things on my wish list-
-iPod line in (so I could get rid of my FM transmitter!)
- similar size to Blaze
-dark color (green or slate gray)
-better gas mileage
-sunroof (I got spoiled on this one with Blaze!)

I compared the Ford Edge with the Chevy Equinox, and the Chevy Traverse. Traverse was out right away because of it's bigger size, and a third row of seats that I would never use. Ford Edge had a cool sun roof that was the length of the car, but the all around winner and fave was the Equinox! I test drove Monday morning, brought Blaze in that afternoon for a trade analysis, and brought in my secret weapon to seal the deal! (weapon of choice- wise man and highly skilled negotiator Mr. Dad Rowe)
After about an hour in the sales office I signed on the dotted lines and said goodbye to Blaze...

...& hello to Quin!

She's super cute, comfy, gets better gas mileage than Blaze, and is all mine!
I'm so thankful that this could happen, and have had loved driving anywhere and everywhere this past month! The color is called Mocha Steel Metallic and is absolutely gorgeous! We even had a little photo shoot out in the country where we got this beautiful picture!

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the G Rowes said...

So pretty! Did you name her/him yet?