Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blonde vs. Brunette

Every 2 or 3 years I decide that I'm tired of highlighting my hair and decide to go brown.

The first year I did this was in college. I went to a stylist in town I had never used before, and it went terribly wrong! Blonde turned Ashlee Simpson black!
so many things wrong here....

The next time I had better luck, two years later when my first niece was born!
Baby Emmy! And kind of red-ish brown.

A few years later I tried again...this time it went really red!
Finally! My hair color matches my brows!
At last perfect success from highlighted blonde to my natural color. Bravo!

Eventually I got bored, and went back to my hair frying, highlighting ways.....and started this cycle all over again! Now that it's fall I've decided to go darker, and had hopes of achieving my natural hair color again...
The things us girls do...
This time, I'm somewhere in between. It's not so dark I hate it, but it's definitely darker than my natural color I showed my stylist. Every time I pass a mirror I'm shocked by the reflection I see because it's not how my brain thinks I look...but I'm getting used to it!
I'll probably be back in the stylist's chair come spring ready for the return of the blonde!


Karo said...

Gramma Rowe would say "Sometimes you are Sarah and sometimes you are Sarah Beth."

the G Rowes said...

Yay thanks for putting up A picture!! I love it and think you look gorgeous!! You have the best hair, color looks great on you. I was going to say good job hair stylist but since it's your natural color good job God :-) ha!

Kristyna said...

oh how i remember the tears after the ashley simpson dye-job - yikes! Ohhh, memories!