Friday, June 25, 2010

26th Birthday!

Another year, another celebration! I love love loved turning 26! I feel like my life is so full of blessings, and although there may be challenges as well I have a wonderful circle of people to help me with both!
To kick off the celebrations I got some sweet smelling flowers from my bosses at work the week of my big day! It's so nice to have bosses that appreciate the work you do! What girl doesn't love flowers???

Once the weekend rolled around we hit the road and had a birthday celebration at my parents houseboat on Lake Travis. It's up for sale right now so I figured I better sneak in one more celebration there while we could! I invited some friends to come with me and just relax for the weekend, which is exactly what we did!
Gina & Ava came out for the day Saturday to celebrate and play on the lake, and OMG I died when I saw Ava Claire in her lifejacket! It's so cute!!! She had a great time with Willow Willow, they're in love! Thanks so much Gina & Ava for helping take care of Willow that afternoon, y'all are the best!!!

My parents came along for the weekend and spoiled us rotten! My mom cooked amazing food, my dad took us on a cruise around the lake, and even tied up the boat in a quaint little cove so we could swim and lounge for an afternoon! I love my parents! As if they hadn't done enough, they treated everyone to dinner at The Oasis on my birthday night!
The Oasis has the best sunset views on the lake, and we had a great view from our ballroom table on the top floor of the restaurant! We chowed down like there was no tomorrow on tasty appetizers, tacos, and got lots of plastic souvenier cups to take home!
To top it all off my friend Lisa made me the tastiest chocolate birthday cake ever!! It suffered a little during the long, hot drive to Austin, but it tasted so so good! Here's a pic of the chocolatey goodness, isn't it fun?!?!! It was so sweet, thanks Lisa!!!!

Thanks so much to everyone who made my birthday such a fun celebration!! I was spoiled with friend and family fun time, sweet gifts, and I can't wait to post soon about the gift I got that will no doubt provide fun all year round!!

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