Thursday, May 27, 2010

Brad's House!

My little brother....scratch that....YOUNGER brother has bought a house!!!! AND it's it MY neighborhood!! How did I manage to get so lucky?!?! Brad closed last Friday and is pretty much moved in so I thought it was only appropriate to celebrate with dessert! I decided to work on my cake decorating skills and created this housewarming cake just for Brad!
Ok, ok so it looks nothing like the actual house, except that it's red, and it has driveway on the right side...but it's more of a resemblance than an exact liking. It sure was tasty, and we got to enjoy it with my parents Sunday night at Brad's new kitchen table!

I'm so excited to have my brother close and to have another fun place to hang out! Welcome to the hood Big Bad!!!


Karo said...

I love Brad's house, too. He's really putting his own touches on things.I have to say that that cake was absolutely fantastic!!! If an occasion arises for another one, save me a piece! Mmmmm!!

the G Rowes said...

I can't wait to see Brad's house... Okay, so your cake is awesome! I love it! Did you ever take that class? I still want to take a cake decoration class, too fun. Hope to see y'all soon, I need some Sarah time!