Sunday, February 7, 2010

Puppy Bowl Sunday

Us humans recognize this day as Super Bowl Sunday, but for my little one today was Puppy Bowl Sunday. As I headed out to a church Super Bowl party I left Willow home with a party of her own. The TV was tuned to Animal Planet so she could be entertained by the Puppy Bowl. If you've never heard of this you've gotta check it out next year! A play pen is transformed into a miniature football field and the camera films puppies playing with a football for 2 hours straight!!! For cat lovers there's the feline halftime show, but I don't enjoy that portion of the show because the cats don't play as much, they tend to just sit there and look prissy...go figure.
Anyway, I left Willow with a chewee to snack on and snapped a quick pic of her hanging out. I think she enjoyed her evening!

Meanwhile I got to hang out with fun church friends and enjoy some cuddle time with our single's pastor's new baby girl Julia! Although the Colts lost it was still a really fun evening!

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