Saturday, April 5, 2008


This past Thursday Laura got to miss school, and I took a day off work so we could go see Walking with the Dinosaurs at the Toyota Center. If you haven't heard of this show, you should check out the website and even try to catch the 'making of' special that runs on Discovery Channel. Check out:
Walking with Dinosaurs was a BBC tv series where animated dinosaurs were created to look really real and the show would show them in their natural habitat and teach you about their lifestyles, food choices, enemies etc. Last year some people decided that they wanted to make this tv show a real life experience and make the dinosaurs lifesize. So, they spent a year making the dinos, and now the show is touring the states and we wanted to see it. The history part of the show was interesting, we got some laughs from the evolutionish theories that dinosaurs live on in the creature we know as the bird....but it was really fun when the dinosaurs fought!
Here's a few pictures from the show. I had so much fun and really enjoyed getting to spend time with Laura. I love that girl! So Laura, thanks for playing hooky and coming with me! And Linda, thanks for saying she could :)

On the way to our seats. We brought our moms along for the fun!
Memorial Hermann sponsors the Rockets, who play at the Toyota Center where the show was put we had to take a proud picture with our Life Flight helicopter! Momma and baby T-Rex. You can see how big they are compared to the show's human narrator who is there on the arena floor.
Our best T-Rex faces, along with some baby T-Rex arms.

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