Monday, March 24, 2008

Hopped up on Easter candy...

Here's what happens when Brad and I drive home from Victoria, after feasting on our sugar filled Easter was funny at the time.

Cop walks up to a cow who witnessed a crime, cow says 'grill me'

Cop walks up to a horse who witnessed a crime. Cops say 'did you see what happened here? Horse says neigh. Cop says any idea who did it? Horse says 'No glue'

Cop walks up to a chicken after writing him a noise violation, and asks 'What were you listening to anyway?' Chick says 'Bach'

Cop walks up to a rabbi who witnessed a crime, and asks 'What'd Jew see?'

Cop walks up to a sheep who witnessed a crime. Cop says how was it? Sheep says 'baaaad'


Mom said...

Henny Youngman would be proud!

Uncle Brad said...

check out my new blog.