Monday, July 4, 2011

27th Birthday

This year we continued the tradition of celebrating my birthday at the houseboat! My roommates came along for the celebration and we got to see Greg, Gina, Ava and Austin too! My parents were so sweet to take us out on two lake cruises, and to cook tasty food for us all weekend! I felt so loved and really enjoyed being with my family and friends on my birthday! Here are the photos!

My sweet roommate Lisa donned the house with birthday decor! There were really fun streamers outside my bedroom, it was so fun to share the weekend with them!
Here's what I get when I ask Greg to smile for a picture....ohh brother... :)

Of course I had to bring my little furry friend with me! Willow loves the lake!
My sister in law Gina made me this AMAZING cake!! I could not get over how much detail and love she put into this tasty cake! I kept the flowers for two weeks at home and re-used them on my mom's birthday cake! Inside were two layers of chocolate with chocolate chip buttercream, YUM! Gina is so sweet!!!
Here I was swimming with lil Ava Claire! She was super brave and jumped right in the water with me! We had a blast swimming on the raft!
When I got back to work my co-workers made me this fun banner! Another reason I really love my new job!
Here's to twenty seven, may it be a year full of heaven! :)


"L" said...

Hope you have a wonderful 27th!

the G Rowes said...

We love Aunt Sarah! Ava talked about swimming with you and "the cousins" all the following week. Sometimes Greg does a scary face like that in the dark to be silly... It makes me want to cry because it is so scary! HA!

Lindsay said...

that cake is amazing!! She is so talented!

Janie said...

27 is a great year but remember the best is yet to come!!!