Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mas en la casa

Updates in the home of a Pottery Barn fanatic...

I have been drooling over this PB Wall Organization system for over a year now, and it's finally complete! This is actually 6 separate pieces hung on metal rods, but I think it looks nice and tidy and is helping keep me organized. It's also nice to be able for roommate and I to write down our schedules so we can keep up with each other and helps us remember which classes are going on at the gym during the week!

This piece was just an added bonus so I can leave music on for Willow during the day, or to have something fun to sing to while I fold laundry. I'm also keeping coupons here so I see them right before I walk out the door and remember to pick up the things I need before the coupons expire. So far so good!

Finally, at last, here is the beloved chair that might possibly be my favorite piece of furniture. I hesitated to put up a picture of it because I haven't steamed the slipcover, but most things in my house are distressed or antique so I figure the wrinkles kind of fit in. It's actually a chair and a half, so you can curl up in it and be comfy. The matching ottoman should arrive next Friday, wahoo!!!

More pictures coming soon, I hope to finish my current gold paint job this weekend and I've also ordered a sofa that matches my beloved chair!

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Lindsay said...

I love that chair!!