Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bad Haircuts Happen

For the past two weeks my roommate and I have been feeling pretty sorry for ourselves after an impulse trip to get our hair done at Tony and Guy. We should have known choosing to get our hair done was not an appropriate solution for boredom on a Friday night, but alas we found ourselves heading to the salon and unfortunately both walking out unhappy with our impulse do's.
Jenni was going for something Lauren Conrad-ish, and got a shorter uneven version of the pictures she showed the stylist.
I went in to even out the highlights I had that were about 3 inches grown out, aiming to get back to my 'natural' color.
I walked out with dark brown hair with heavy red tintage. Needless to say we've learned our lesson.
Yesterday Willow became a victim of the bad hair do club, after a trip to her local groomer. She was pretty furry when I dropped her off, and when I got her back she was anything but furry!
A before and after to explain:

So the next time I look in the mirror and feel like complaining about my brown hair, I'll remind myself to be grateful that my ears didn't get the chop.


l.borrego said...

AH! She's naked and shamed!

ginarowe said...

I can't stop laughing.. Willow is so cute!

Jennifer said...

ive grown to love it too. Willow is the best.